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      Hello everybody.  Thank you for visiting Napachai webpage.  My name is Viruch Phrukwattanakul and I live in Samut-sakhon, Thailand.  I have been breeding French bulldogs since 2001 while I was studying in USA.  It was my roommates fault who gave me a lovely frenchie bitch.  I totally fell in love with her and suddenly got hooked to the most adorable breed.  My line is mostly American type but occasionally I acquire some European dogs to improve my breeding program.  I cannot thank enough to Roxanne Hilsman who has been helping me a lot for many years and trust me with her many champions.  They have been foundations to my line.  Holding in my arms here is my beloved one, Ch.Hilsman Big Boss Man.  I have bred several champions both in Thailand and USA.  These include our 2013 specials, multiple group winners and a specialty winner in USA, GCh.Napachai Throw Caution to the Wind and GCh.Hilsman Napachai Cruel Intention.  I am blessed with these two brothers after 12 years in this breed.

     In 2010,  I got a chance to make friend with a lady from Holland on facebook.  She has a strange looking but super cute dog on her profile photo.  Later on,  I found out that the breed is called Affenpinscher and yes that lady is Mieke Cooijmans from Tani Kazari,  the breeder of Banana Joe v Tani Kazari,  BIS winner at the Westminster 2013.  I bought a few dogs from her.  One of them is the love at first sight when I saw his photo on the facebook and got big crush.  He now is being campaigned in Canada.  He has already won some BIS from Holland,  Germany and Canada.  His name is Ch.Champagne Charly v Tani Kazari,  currently No.1 Toy and No.5 all breed Canada.  I am very proud of this special boy.

GCh.Napachai Hilsman Throw Caution to the Wind

GCh.Hilsman Napachai Cruel Intention


24 Nov 2012 American Grand championship is awarded to Gch.Napachai Hilsman Throw Caution to The Wind, aka Carson (Litter brother to Sebastien). This is the first grand champiom french bulldog bred by a Thai as well!! bbbb 1234

Oct 2012 Best of Sweepstakes at FBDCA Nationals 2012, Portland, USA CAN.CH.HILSMAN NAPACHAI CRUEL INTENTION, aka Sebastien! He is the first Thai bred french bulldog ever to win such the award at FBDCA Nationals!

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Extended Family

"We are fortunated that our dogs go to live happy life with many friends around the world."

K.Prite & friend with new son
Mr.Aoroyo and Family with new member
Mr.Oat, RS executive with Petcha
Bob & Jujai at the airport going to China
Blutus photo taken from Mahasarakam. Thank you K.Pui.
Jiggo and Tim from England making eye contact accompanied with May, his gf.
Mr.Dion Cragg from South Aferica with Max's daughter.
Mrs.Rattana, a housewife, with Barbie.
Thailand's Congressman, Vorasith Gultinun, with Vincent's son.
Ton and his friend with Mario, Max's son
One is never enough. K.Golf has taken Panda as his new family member after K.Seven.
Mr.Poomchai Lumsum, CEO of Maung Thai Life Insurance Co.Ltd, posing with Monty, another beatiful son of Max.
My honor that Mr.Golf, a brother of HRH Princess Srirat, has adopted Seven, a gorgeous son Max as his new member.
Mr.Pornvuth Sarasin, Vice President of Coca Cola Thailand, and his daughter holding Oniel, their X'mas present
DVM.Melissa Norton from Seattle owns our second Am.Ch.Napachai Blue Bayou
Dr.Ron, a Prosthodontist, with Thomas.
Mr.Bug and his handsome son, Smily, posing on his new motorbike.
After one year of waiting, finally Mr.Anton got what he wants.
Miss Aim is holding her new baby, Melon.
Napachai Honey Melody won BBIG posing with Paul Enrique Moral in Philippines.
Martin has grown up and has a beatiful head like his father, Max. Thank you K.Nook for sending this picture.
Ms.Sumitra, a business owner, is holding the latest son of Max, TuaDum. Max has proven himself as a great producer.
Marcus will definitely have a good home. That's what Mrs.Poonpilarb and her children said.
Mr.Supoj, a businessman, holding Florence while his son holding Mouse, thier new member.
Hana is going to live her happy life with a very lovely Nagasaki family.
Ms.Teoy & her baby, CJ, came visit us at the dog shows.
Ms.Ying and her new champion Napachai Celine.
Oxford is living in Philippines at Ceres Kennel of Manankil Noel
Samantha from England with Pepper in Hua Hin
Metasith, Data Warehouse Manager, with Batman, the first son of Brewster.
Jeep & his gf, toys model dealers, with Summer, sired by Vincent.
Heng & Pen, Wung Lung Bakery's owners with Sam, Robin x Zhara's daughter.
Ms.Gaww adopts our cream boy from the first litter sired by Max.
Mr.Seewee & his friend from Malaysia took a snap shot with Fido.
Suksith lives with a Thai model, NA
Mr.Lee, a breeder from Malaysia with Olive
Lucio and his daughters from Italy with their new friend, Richie
Mrs.Somurai and her daughter with Sara as special gift for her wedding
Ms.Ann and her husband with Nap
A picture of Robin and Paris sent from Mr.Zhao in Beijing, China
Harley, our first Am.Ch. owned by Dennis Ferdinand and Jack Diemer from New Jersey

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